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Spiritual Healing

I offer my help both in my practice in Lauenau and remotely.

If you live further away or you cannot come for other reasons, an online appointment can be a convenient solution.

Contact can be made via phone, FaceTime, Signal or WhatsApp.


Spiritual healing has meanwhile become a focus in my practice. The effect is independent of the distance.


Whether it is about health problems, problems in the private or professional area, or general life issues, it is always worthwhile to involve the soul.

The way I practice mental healing is without specific techniques or rituals.

You lie relaxed on the treatment table or at home. After a brief attunement, you will be enveloped and penetrated by a high vibrating field. A flow of energy begins that gradually becomes more intense. The effect goes deep into the soul. Often it is deeply hidden causes that have led to the problems. The self-healing powers intensify and regulations set in.


No long preliminary talk is necessary for the treatment. I act as a kind of channel or mediator and am not actively involved in the treatment.


Mental healing is suitable for physical illnesses and complaints, for emotional and mental problems, but also for other life issues.


The following sensations are often said to occur:
A feeling of warmth, tingling, physical lightness, twitching of muscles, inner images, inner seeing of colors and light, a feeling of relief, peace.

Erfahrungsbericht Geistiges Heilen bei Thorsten Müller



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